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Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Leaf...

Last time I blogged, I was heading off on vacation and said I'd keep you informed on what was happening ~ best laid plans! The internet was not working well at our location so I wasn't able to write a thing! We had a great time and the temperature was way cooler than it was in Oklahoma! I am going to try to turn over a new leaf this fall - blogging daily ~ about anything and everything for now.

Well, now that I've apologized for my absence let me take off on my topic tonight - cooking. Have you ever watched Iron Chef. This show is CRAZY! Some of the items they have to create a dish from is totally nuts...and I'm not talking pecans folks. I like to experiment and pretend I'm some great chef as I create, but I can't get my cats to respond other than looking at me from their respective napping spots. Now, let me just pop a can of tuna open and they sing my praises while intruding into my space because of one metal can getting opened!

I do have a favorite way to fix pasta and potatoes. Let's talk potatoes - boil a red potato until it is just tender. While the potato is boiling in a small frying pan cook - sliced bacon, onion, garlic,chicken, broccoli, and what ever is in the frig that fries up well. When the potatoes are done, put them in the skillet and let everything cook for a minute or two - add butter or coconut oil if you need some additional moisture. If you put in broccoli and red peppers, you have some nice color along with the potatoes. It's a really tasty and easy meal for just one person.

Let me encourage you to try a new dish this weekend ~ and share your experience ~ you just never know...

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