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Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn Beauty...through a haze

We are getting those little glimpses of fall here in OK these days. A couple of hours of a north wind before the south wind comes back through. Maybe three or four days of temperatures that are comfortable before the heat and humidity comes sneaking its way back into the heat of the afternoon. It's a great seasonal change month...achoo...with a haze!

Along with the changes of wind and temperatures, we get to deal with the dreaded fall allergies. UGH! When you understand that Oklahoma has a ton of man made lakes, you begin to understand all the allergies. Even transplants to Oklahoma generally develop allergies over time. What to do? Learn the allergy meds and which one works in the spring versus the fall.

Well, I am having the fall allergy challenges this weekend and am not convinced that I have a handle on this stuff. Usually I loose my voice - which is not a big deal since I know sign language - but it is a big deal because even the doctors' offices can't communicate using sign language! HA! So I whine silently to myself and keep taking the allergy medicines (over the counter of course) hoping that I wake in the morning feeling like a million dollars.

And this is the point in this posting that I sneeze three times, take the last dose of meds tonight, and turn off the computer for the evening. Sleep well...

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