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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Tree Planting

Autumn is here! It's time to take those evening walks and look up...the trees are going to be on fire with color. In a few weeks I'll be posting a picture of my Chinese Pistachio tree with it's fall colors.

If you have been 'planning' to plant a tree in your yard - now is the time! Check with your area nursery for a list of options and then make it a family/neighborhood event. When everyone helps ~ everyone learns and enjoys...

I was lucky enough to have my son, one of the boys from the youth group, and other boys in the neighborhood to help out. There were several theories on 'how to plant a tree' and the best news is that after a year...the tree still lives! did I get in this picture???? Hmm~ when planting your tree, better take stock in your choice of clothing, or be caught like I was in your not so flattering combination! LOL

Happy Fall Walking!

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