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Friday, September 10, 2010

It takes more than just one!

Have you ever had to have an extra income? You are not alone. I've had several odd jobs over the years - secretarial, book keeping, music, piano teacher, hardware stores (one of my favorite places to be), Swarovski Crystal retail sales, and several home businesses as well. As you age you have this urgency to have an extra income even more - some hope of retirement perhaps!

About a year ago I decided to become a Scentsy Consultant to earn some extra money and have had a blast every step of the way since. My daughter is one of my very best friends, but she now lives 12 hours away so I had to find something to do in the evenings and on weekends. It has been a BLAST ~ wait, I think I've already said that! During the process I've connected to several former friends and their children. That is one plus I didn't think about happening when I decided to start this most recent home business.

Now, let's get honest - it isn't an overnight, get rich quick process when you begin a business, well not usually ~ but it is fun. Hey, if we have to have a second job, we should enjoy what we are doing! When you make this decision it is important to set goals and the first is - am I going to commit to this project? If you are not ready to commit you are just wasting your start-up money so be sure you are going to put the effort into your business.

Who loves to open presents at Christmas? I DO! With this company twice a year we unveil a new selection of scents and new warmers to boot. It's like Christmas three times a year! Amazingly, each scent triggers a memory of some sort. Sitting around with the girlfriends and talking about our memories when the new scents arrive becomes something you look forward to.

Seriously - if you've not checked out Scentsy, hop over to my web site and take a look. The extra plus here is that there are no flames to put your house/office/bedroom at risk of a fire. (can you tell I sell insurance?) You see, there is a light that warms the wax scents and fills your home with ... well,memories!

OH - you need the website huh -

This year we have a couple warmers that are also fundraisers for different entities - the armed services and cancer research. I read a report that said Scentsy donated $150,000 to a project last year. Everyday this company is helping someone else!

Well, I hope I haven't just rambled - but then again I do that sometimes. :-)

Be sure to reach out to someone today and let them know they count!

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