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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game day!

Yes, it is once again the weekend and we have games everywhere for every age! 

Living in Oklahoma we have the college games that demand our attention (no pro football here).  OU, OSU, and TU - GO TEAMS!

What excitement around here this week with OU and Texas in battle - anticipation - snide remarks - colors flying - all over kids running up and down a field.

I am writing this and listening to the song "I could Sing of your Love forever" and, well, there is no comparison of celebrating a football game and celebrating God.  Football is a game for a few hours here on earth and God is forever in heaven.  People, I encourage you to get excited about God - then you celebrate forever!

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How embarresed I am!

I should really pay attention to my blog - BIG life lesson - time slips blink and a huge amount is just, well, gone. 

How can we prevent the loss of time?  Simple - Car Pa Diem ~ Seize the day ! My pastor's sermon this coming week is this....
        You have one week to live...what will you do?

I am a cancer survivor and that question has entered my mind several times.  What will I do?  I will take the time to smell the roses ~ twirl in the middle of the yard ~ run in the rain and let my hair go flat ~ have my granddaughter over even when I think I can't possibly handle the stress; One day I will not have stress any longer.

Obviously, I've forgotten how easily you can neglect something that was once important to you ~ something you had great plans for ~ something that was going to be that story line when you left this mortal earthly ball. 

May my intentions be put back in action soon!  Ha Ha - there's a "ready & waiting" failure statement if I ever wrote one.

Do stop and ask yourself - does this really need me to stress out over the situation?  Do I really have to "take care of" that thing? 

Go bake a cookie and then eat it!

Until the next time...