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Friday, July 16, 2010


Ever need a new perspective? Friday I had the opportunity to obtain a perspective with a view. This was a bonus to a long needed vacation. Don't believe I need a vacation, just check with the woman in the audit department! Yes, I apologized. Anyway, back to point...when taking off there was a major, ugly looking storm just east of the airport. I knew we'd have to go around the storm to stay safe but was a little surprised to discover we went 100 miles west 50 miles north and back 100 miles east to begin going north!

At first I was a tad miffed that we were going west...I know those roads down there!... but then I began watching the countryside and how beautiful it was. The rain that caused so much heartache in many cities also was responsible for acres of beautiful green in a multitude of shades. The tree lines looked like veins of hope meandering throughout miles of nothingness - I wonder if the pioneers had the same sense of awe when traveling across the plains. The perspective; even though I might have a bad time (flooding) there is beauty just waiting for me to turn my head and look (the greens). Why is it that we tend put on the blinders when we go into the struggles of life and it takes a small tornado to get us to look the other way?

Anyway, as the plane turned north and the setting sun was blinding me as it came through the window, I closed the shade. After about 12 pages in my book I decided to take a look again. WOW! I'd never witnessed the effect of clouds, moisture, and a lowering sun like I did Friday night. As the shade went up I noticed a type of white rays with what appeared to be diamonds sprinkled on the ground. I think the diamonds were lights from cars and stores, but it was just amazing how it all came together to look like a fairy land.

Now the humor of the evening. That little jog from the normal routing into Chicago caused the flight to arrive at 9:22pm instead of 8:54pm and there were people actually running down the isles to try and catch a connection with a 5 minute window. My travel neighbor just looked at me and I said "She's very optimistic" he replied with "SHE is very unrealistic". I laughed!

Well there is the first venture of vacation 2010. Today we have to do last minute power shopping and pack both food and van. New York here we come! Holy Mole! I just received the bulletin of the departure time....4am!!!!!!!

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