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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I wrote it down!

Time continues on...

Wow! I have not been on my own blog for far too long.  How many times and ways life has reshaped around me during the time away.

My mother has been gone 21 months now.  Many people have left this earth since she has and many have been born.  Our family has lost and gained members along with every other family on earth.  Life does continue even when there are days you think it should remain the same.  Mom and I had good times! Sewing, crafting, painting, discussing, cooking and so much more.  Now, time has changed and I am responsible for such growth and good times on my own. 

If you are wading through the loss of someone close, don't drag yourself down by living the loss over and over and over.  Focus on the laughs and joys you shared with that person.  If they loved you, they would want you to move on from the day of their death.  How can you do that you ask...  Take some time and think through the whole event again and then discipline yourself to set it aside.  What has worked for me, so far, is to make myself focus my thoughts on new things and reserve the day of mom's departure as the one day I may take some time and think through the whole event again and get really sad.  It is slowly taking place as I've planned. 

So what do you want to learn this year?  Where do you want to travel?  Maybe you want to catch up with family members.  Make a plan and write it down.  Seriously, every success meeting I have been able to attend during my 30 years of working all say the same thing...if you don't write it down - you won't accomplish it!  You identify the "it" and then write the things you want to see accomplished this year.

One year I wrote down a couple of things: go to college - drive an Acura.  I personally thought both were way out of reach since I was a single mother at the time.  Bought the car in 2002 and drove it for twelve years.  I graduated with a dual Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration in 2003 and a Masters in Business Administration in 2007!  I wrote it down! Made a plan of action and then started chipping away at the obstacles to get there.

This year I decided it was time to write some things down again.  My current employer is retiring so I will not have employment later in the year.  A very scary thought!  I wrote down that I wanted to expand my bookkeeping business to allow me to work from home and assist my aging father.  Well, that led to action when I had the opportunity to pick up a client to assist in getting their books caught up - which has led to a full-time offer later in this year. 

Is this all because I wrote it down?  No.  That was step two or three or four, because step one was talking to God about what he wanted for my life and allowing Him to guide me.  When the offer came to me I didn't sit there and say...maybe I should pray about this.  I gave a hearty SURE I'll be there in 30 minutes and we'll talk.  My prayer time was already established in that need so I knew it was in God's plan.  Remember, we have a responsibility to get with the program we write down when it presents to us.

Enjoy your family while they are here.  Set goals for yourself.  Write them down and see great events happen in your walk here on the earth.


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