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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving week -

We adults frequently complicate simple concepts.  For example; What are you Thankful for?  We analyze and try to determine the politically correct answer, or the answer that gets us the most "good guy" high fives.  Children keep it simple - when asking three kids Sunday what they were thankful for the answers were simple - my family; baseball; that I have a house to live in and am not living on the street.  My heart broke at the last response because that little girl is just 6 1/2 years young and even knows about such a life. 

Take the time this week to maybe not identify everything you are thankful for - but the things you do have... a job, a roof over your head, an invitation to dinner, $1 in your pocket, gas and electric bills, children to help you laugh or play a game with you.

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