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Thursday, October 6, 2011

How embarresed I am!

I should really pay attention to my blog - BIG life lesson - time slips blink and a huge amount is just, well, gone. 

How can we prevent the loss of time?  Simple - Car Pa Diem ~ Seize the day ! My pastor's sermon this coming week is this....
        You have one week to live...what will you do?

I am a cancer survivor and that question has entered my mind several times.  What will I do?  I will take the time to smell the roses ~ twirl in the middle of the yard ~ run in the rain and let my hair go flat ~ have my granddaughter over even when I think I can't possibly handle the stress; One day I will not have stress any longer.

Obviously, I've forgotten how easily you can neglect something that was once important to you ~ something you had great plans for ~ something that was going to be that story line when you left this mortal earthly ball. 

May my intentions be put back in action soon!  Ha Ha - there's a "ready & waiting" failure statement if I ever wrote one.

Do stop and ask yourself - does this really need me to stress out over the situation?  Do I really have to "take care of" that thing? 

Go bake a cookie and then eat it!

Until the next time...

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