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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Found IT!

It is a wonderful feeling when I overcome small obstacles like...where's that font color! I know that some people think that is a laughable statement, but not to me. Next obstacle….changing them again when I change the background.

Yes, there are many links to help you understand this blogging monster, but I don’t really have hours and hours to read. I tend to follow my bosses philosophy – just hit enter until it works the way you want ~ HA! That theory is easier to follow when you have an 800 number for free assistance.

The big life lesson today is to reach out beyond your comfort zone and try, just try something new. Click a new button, shop at a new store, try a different dish at your local restaurant and laugh if it any or all ‘bomb’! When we laugh at ourselves, we are laughing with the world ~ not watching with fear and tears.

Plan something this weekend you’ve never done before~and let us all know of your experience.

Happy growth!

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