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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken...never again!

Okay, If you are keeping track ~ this is a Life's small lesson ~

I live alone so buying a whole rotisserie chicken means I'm going to be creative with alternative combinations for that big bird. Here is my all-time favorite recipe for left over bird!

Pull the chicken/turkey off the bone and then chop it up and put in a large bowl

Depending on the amount of chicken leftover, peal, core, and chop up 1 to 3 apples *put the slices in a Ziploc and sprinkle just a little lemon juice in it and shake the apple slices around until coated - this keeps them from turning brown - next lay them on a paper towel to drain for a few minutes before adding to the bowl of chopped chicken

Grab chopped pecans and add 1/2 to 1 Cup of these to the chicken, based on your taste preference

Now, stir in Mayo, again to your preferred taste and consistency and you're done

See - EASY! Chicken Apple Salad

You can now use this as a sandwich filler, topping for a salad, or just straight out of the bowl. (I'll never tell!)

Enjoy your next rotisserie chicken with all the confidence that you will finish the whole bird.

OH! I have no pictures as this dish doesn't last long enough to photograph.

Happy Cooking ~

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